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Promoting Indian Languages, Arts and Culture Since 1998

Gurukul is not-for profit organization and is registered as 501 (c)(3) organization with IRS.

June 2015


 Last day of Gurukul

Gurukul Annual Day 

 14  No Class

Summer Vacation Start

Gurukul Staff Appreciation

 21  No Class

Summer Vacation

21 Gurukul Picnic/Holi

 28  No Class

Summer Vacation
Week-1: 6/7/2015
Week-2: 6/14/2015
Week-3: 6/21/2015
Week-4: 6/28/2015
July 2015
  5  No Class
  • Summer Vacation
 12  No Class
  • Summer Vacation

 19  No Class

  • Summer Vacation

 26  No Class

Summer Vacation


Week-1: 7/5/2015
Week-2: 7/12/2015
Week-3: 7/19/2015
Week-4: 7/26/2015

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Indian language classes are offered in Hindi, Gujarati, and Marathi. Students are taught written and spoken forms of the languages. At the end of the Gurukul school year, children demonstrate their learning via performances on Annual Day.


Gurukul showcases various forms of Indian arts such as Indian musical instruments, vocal singing, Indian classical and folk dances for children through live performances by local artists.


Indian culture education is imparted to children through cultural immersion techniques used by teachers. Various activities, like celebrating Indian festivals such as Diwali and Holi, provide an opportunity to learn about the Indian culture.

Rachna Bidasaria (Gurukul IT)What We Do At Gurukul352/3/2015